Listed below are scholarship opportunities. Be sure and read the qualifications before you apply. All scholarships should be turned in to the counseling center unless there is an online submission.Scholarships should be submitted by the due date listed above the description, not the one listed on the scholarship. Transcripts will be attached in the counseling center. An activities list is required for many applications. There is an example below.

Scholarships will be added regularly, so be sure to check back often for additional opportunities.





Dr. George S Richmond Memorial Scholarship (Sunrise Optimist Club) 

Amount: $1,000 

Deadline: February 26 

Open to all graduating seniors in Andrew and Buchanan County who will be attending Missouri Western 

State University. Three letters of recommendation are required, and students will respond to a few short 

questions. The letters of recommendation and clarity to which the questions are answered effect the scoring 

of the application the greatest. It is important that students complete the Family Income Field as it 

influences 20% of the overall score. The winner of the scholarship will attend an Optimist Club meeting as a guest for breakfast. 

Sunrise Optimist Application




Associated General Contractors of Missouri  

Amount: $1,000-$3,000 

Deadline: March 1, 2021 

 These links are for scholarship information and applications. The AGCMO Education Foundation Scholarships are awarded to students entering the construction industry or a related field, such as engineering (civil, mechanical, etc.) or architecture. The information page provides more details on the qualifications for application and how to submit the application with the required additional information. Last year a total of $58,000 was divided between 28 students in $1000, $2000, or $3000 amounts.

Application Information 

Skilled Trades Application 

College Application 


Evergy Craft Scholarship 

Amount: $3,000 

Deadline: March 1, 2021 

Craft scholarships will be awarded to individuals who wish to pursue an associates degree in Electric Power and Distribution and Wind/Renewable Energy. Must be a graduating senior in a Kansas or Missouri high school, or currently enrolled in a two-year technical/craft program at a local community college or trade school.  

Amount: Varies 
Deadline: March 1st 
Scholar-Link is a scholarship portal for Northwest Missouri students. It opens January 15 and closes March 1st. Students will complete qualifying questions, select the scholarships you wish to apply for and create an account. Once your account is created you can begin your application. 
Helpful Tips: 
-Click the green Scholar-Link icon in the top right hand corner to get started 
- There are “how to” videos available when you click “Scholar-Link applicants” 
-It is important that you remember your login and password as you cannot create another account 
-You may NOT upload google docs. All uploads must be a pdf 
-If you can't or don't wish to apply for a scholarship UPLOAD a document that says I wish to not apply for this scholarship 
-Be sure and SIGN and SUBMIT your application 


South Side Business Women’s Scholarship 
Amount: $500 
Deadline: March 1 

Students must have financial need and a 3.0 GPA or higher. In addition to the application a cover letter and resume must be attached. 

South Side Business Women’s Application 


Southside Rotary 

Amount: TBD 
Deadline: March 5, 2021 
This scholarship is for Benton seniors who will be continuing their education.

Southside Rotary Application


Frances Farris/Booster Club 

Amount: Varies 

Deadline: March 5th 

This scholarship is open to all Benton seniors.  
Frances Farris/Booster Club Application


“The Scholarship” 

Amount: Varies 

Deadline: March 5th 

This scholarship is open to Benton seniors continuing to college or trade school. Applicants must have a 19 or higher ACT and 3.0 or higher GPA. 

"The Scholarship" Application


Cecile I. Steven Educational Trust (Local) 

Amount: $500-750 

Deadline: March 5th 

Students must reside in Buchanan or Andrew County and be graduating from an accredited High School within the boundaries of these two counties. Students should possess good personality traits, be of good moral 

character, have been active in school and community activities, and have an ACT score of 18. Students 

attending a Trade School must have a 2.5 GPA and those attending a college/university must have a 3.0 

GPA. Applicant must show EXTREME financial need. Essays are allowed though not required. Requires submission of two years’ of your parent’s tax return as well as a copy of the students’ student aid report from their FAFSA. It is renewable provided eligibility is maintained, but the student must fill out a renewable application each year. 

Cecil I. Steven Application

St. Joseph Rotary Club #32 (local) 
Amount: $1,000 
Deadline: March 9 

One $1,000 scholarship will be awarded to a BHS student. The applicant selected should demonstrate 
qualities of leadership, initiative, enthusiasm, adaptability, maturity and seriousness of purpose. He 
or she shall not be a Rotarian, a dependent of a Rotarian, or a child, stepchild, grandchild, brother or sister 
of a local Rotarian or his/her spouse. The focus of the criteria should be on financial need and SECOND 
academic performance, in that order. The scholarship will apply to students who seek to attend higher 
education institutions. This shall include community colleges and two-year vocational training programs.  Turn in completed application to the Counseling Center. 


Recipient and their parent/guardian will be asked to attend a luncheon on May 4, 2021.

National Education Association
Amount: $500 
Deadline: March 11

This scholarship is for seniors who are not receiving a significant amount of other scholarships or financial aid and for those who value education and the role that education plays in their lives. Students must have a 2.5 GPA or higher. Consideration will be given to community and school activities. Preference will be given to students who have a 90% or higher cumulative attendance. 

NEA Application

North American Savings Bank 
Amount: Varies 
Deadline: March 12 

This student should be a promising student who otherwise would not be able to afford a college education but has the desire and potential to better himself/herself. Student must have a B- or above average, demonstrate financial need, must not be an employee or a relative of an employee of North American Savings Bank and submit all required documents.
NASB Application 2021



Amount: Last year $5,000 over four years. Amount varies. 

Deadline: March18th 

This scholarship is for students who have attended Benton High School for at least 3 years. Students need to be ambitious and good citizens. Financial need must be demonstrated. Previous year’s tax returns required. 

Drowns/Clay/Keener Application


South St. Joseph Progressive Association 
Amount: $2,500(2) 
Deadline: March 29 
The recipients (1 Male & 1 Female) must be a graduating Senior from Benton High School who have attended all 4 years at Benton. Student must be a resident of South St. Joseph, Missouri and have a 3.5 GPA or higher. 

South St. Joseph Progressive Application 

Buchanan County Farm Bureau 
Amount: $1,000 (2) 
Deadline: March 29 
The applicants Parent/Guardian must be a resident or landowner in Buchanan County. The applicants Parent/Guardian must be a Buchanan County Farm Bureau member at least two years prior to receiving the scholarship and maintain membership throughout the duration of scholarship benefits. 

Buchanan County Farm Bureau Application

Northwest Missouri Financial Women Scholarship 
Amount: $250 
Deadline: March 29 

Applicants must be a female graduating from a high school in Buchanan Co. (other counties are 
included). To be eligible for consideration the applicant must have a GPA of greater than or equal to a 3.0 on the scale of 4.0 (an official transcript must be attached), must be attending an accredited college or university, must be pursuing a degree in business or finance and must have a recommendation letter written by a mentor/professional with good knowledge of the applicant’s character. Limit all information on application to Grades 9 - 12 only. NOTE: You may use the back of the application if you require additional space. 

Northwest Missouri Financial Women Application


Friends of Hyde Park/Southside Fall Festival 

Amount: $1,000 

Deadline: March 30th

This scholarship is for Benton students who have financial need, a minimum 2.5 unweighted GPA and an ACT score of 17 or above. Along with the application a cover letter, activity resume and transcript must be attached. Applications need to be submitted in the counseling center. 

 Friends of Hyde Park Application 



Don Van Sickle 
Amount: $1,000 
Deadline: April 2 
All Benton students are eligible to apply. There are no specific requirements related to grades, ACT score or
extracurricular activities.

Van Sickle Application

Delta Kappa Gamma
Amount: $250
Deadline: April 7

This scholarship is for a female senior attending high school in Andrew, Buchanan, Clinton or DeKalb County. The applicant must be majoring in education, be in the top 25% of the class, be involved in school and community activities and have financial need.  

Delta Kappa Gamma Application

Ryan D. Consolver Memorial 
Amount: $1,000 
Deadline: April 16 

This scholarship has been established as a memorial to Ryan D. Consolver, a 1996 graduate of Savannah High School and graduate of Southeast Community College, Milford NE.  Preference for this award will be given to a student pursuing education in Building Construction ie: Heating and cooling, electrical, architectural engineering, or any other trade related to construction. The selection process is NOT determined by financial need, nor by class ranking or ACT. 

Ride for Ryan Application 



William Toben King Educational Trust- Commerce Bank 
Amount: $500-2,000 Renewable (Local) 
Deadline: May 3rd 

Student must be a resident of Andrew or Buchanan County and be a high school senior graduating from an accredited high school within the boundaries of these two counties. A 2.5 GPA (on a 4.0 scale) and ACT score of 18 or higher is required. Student must demonstrate financial need and attend a 4-year accredited college/university, junior college, or vo-tech/trade school. The application is lengthy and requires submission of your parent's tax return (this year & last year). Students must include one letter of recommendation from a counselor, coach, teacher or principal written on a provided form. Scholarship is renewable for up to four years provided eligibility is maintained. Applications should be submitted to the counseling center by the date above or to Commerce Bank by June 1st.  

William Toben King Application 


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